— Moving with the Times —

We are in the midst of an important transformation and new phenomena are emerging.

The rapid development of emerging market countries and the formation of communities, the proposing of "Belt and Road" initiative and its rapid embodiment is a new phenomenon in our great era, representing a new trend of historical development.

China is not only the largest emerging market country in the world, but also the pioneer of the Belt and Road Initiative. After nearly 40 years of rapid economic growth since the reforming and opening up; now it has entered a new stage of economic development. Opportunities and challenges are coexisted, of which we must have a deep and sober understanding. At the same time, China's experience in reform and development is worthy of earnest analyzing and reviewing by other emerging market countries and developing "Belt and Road" countries. Furthermore, those learning can be implemented as guidable theory in combination of these countries’ own reality to use for reference; China should also draw useful inspiration from summing up the experiences and lessons of developed countries and other developing countries so as to better steering in the right direction and carry out reform and development to the end.

The era of great change calls for the innovation and development of theories and thoughts. Emerging Markets Institute and "Belt and Road" Research Institute adheres to the basic concept of "with the times," seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, strive to shoulder our era's responsibilities and live up to the times. To improve the quality of talent training, we strengthen scientific researches, improve the level of social services, and promote the development of our great era in a more positive direction. We will make our own contributions to the innovation of development theory and policy in the new era and meet our due diligence to promote China's long-term sustainable development; and eventually, the global economy will become more prosperous, and thus, to contribute in a more peaceful and stable global environment.