Library of Emerging Markets Institute No. 13: Calculation, ranking and Evaluation of Comprehensive Development level of countries along Belt and Road


This report analyses the economic development, national governance, resource utilization, environmental protection, social development, business environment, structural transformation and national scale development of 65 countries along "Belt and Road", including China. By selecting 23 specific indicators and building an evaluation model with a two-tier structure, The single level of development and the overall level of development (comprehensive development level) of different countries including the above contents are calculated. Based on the results of the calculation, the 65 countries are itemized and ranked as a whole. And the single and comprehensive analysis and evaluation are carried out.

Brief introduction to the author:

Hu Biliang, Dean of emerging Markets Institute, Belt and Road Research Institute, Beijing Normal University; Professor of Economics and Ph. D. supervisor. He was awarded the 6th and 12th Sun Yefang Award for Economic Science in 1994 and 2006, respectively; the third National Book Award in 1997 and the second Zhang Peigang Award for excellent achievements in Development Economics in 2009.

Pan Qingzhong, Tsinghua University Schwarzman College Executive Dean;

Beijing Normal University Emerging Markets Institute Executive Associate Dean, JingShi Distinguished Professor. Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering at Tsinghua University, Master of Science in Stanford University, PhD in Economics, Tsinghua University. The main research areas are corporate governance, enterprise development, China's economic history. Major courses at Tsinghua University and Beijing Normal University are management economics, corporate governance, management principles, etc.