Library of Emerging Markets Institute No. 7: Explorations in Development 2015 —— Selected Master Theses of Emerging Markets Institute, Beijing Normal University


For the entire 20th century, developing countries around the world have been looking for a model that they can learn from and emulate.Now it seems that they have found one. Chinas repaid pace of economic development has caused developing countries to look up to China as their new role model.Tens of thousands of students from developing countries have come to CHina each year to learn about Chinas development experience, and also to share about experiences and lessons in their own countries.

This book, Explorations in Development 2015, is a collection of these work written by IMBA graduates from BNUs Emerging Markets Institute. The authors come from Asian and Pacific, African, and Caribbean countries, their works have touched upon a variety of important issues ranging from tariff rates, the use of PPP to build infrastructure and housing, village governance, to the attitude towards entrepreneurship. Their works have provided important local knowledge, anddemonstrate their willingness and eagerness both to learn from China and to promote mutual understanding between China and other developing countries.

Edited by Hu Biliang, Tu Qin, Pan Haoran and Chen Mo