Library of Emerging Markets Institute No. 10: China and emerging Markets


China is the second largest economy in the world, as well as the largest emerging market and developing country in the world. China's development has a growing impact on the development of the world and its own country. In particular, the experience of rapid economic development, social and political stability and a substantial improvement in people's living standards since China's reform and opening up can provide reference for other emerging market countries and developing countries.

The book contains a comprehensive record of the Beijing Emerging Markets Forum 2015, jointly organized by the Beijing Normal University Emerging Markets Institute (EMI), the Chinese people's Association for Friendship with Foreign countries and the American emerging Markets Forum (EMF). Including each guest's speech, Q&A, interviewing by media and other content are fully reflected. From the new normal of China and emerging markets, the new challenges and opportunities to the AIIB, the advance of the RMB and emerging markets, from China's outward investment and economic cooperation between emerging market countries to the urbanization of China and emerging market countries, From China-Africa Cooperation, China-Latin American cooperation to Silk Road economy With the 21 st century Sea Silk Road, the Forum is well-informed. Some basic ideas and policy recommendations put forward by the Forum have important reference value for promoting the long-term development of emerging market countries and developing countries.

Editor Introduction:

Hu Biliang, Dean of emerging Markets Institute, Belt and Road Research Institute, Beijing Normal University; Professor of Economics and Ph. D. supervisor. He was awarded the 6th and 12th Sun Yefang Award for Economic Science in 1994 and 2006, respectively; the third National Book Award in 1997 and the second Zhang Peigang Award for excellent achievements in Development Economics in 2009.