[Conference] Hu Biliang, Dean of Emerging Markets Institute, attended the seminar of the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and opening up held by Australian National University

July 19-20, Australian National University held a symposium on China's 40th-year Reform and Development. Chinese experts from the Chinese Embassy in Australia, famous American and Australian universities;and scholarrepresentativesfrom China attended the seminar.

Professor Hu Biliang spoke at the round table (first from left, followed by Wang Xiaolu, Fan Gang, Dwight Perkins, Peter Drysdale, Huang Yiping, and Song Ligang)



Professor Hu Biliang, Dean of the Emerging Markets Institute, was invited to attend the seminar and spoke at the round-table forum and the thematic forum on 19th and 20th respectively. At the round-table forum, Professor Hu Biliang clarified and responded to variety of views expressed by the international community on "Belt and Road" Initiative. At the forum, Professor Hu Biliang with Professor of Economics Dwight Perkins, Harvard University; Professor of Economics Lin Yifu, Peking University;and Professor of Economics Song Ligang, Australian National University delivered a speech on "China's economic transformation". It mainly talks about China's transition from closed economy to open economy system. In particular, it emphasizes the basic idea, main measures, development progress and the important work of opening up that China needs to improve in the next step through the construction of "Belt and Road"Initiative in the new era. 

Professor Hu Biliang spoke at the symposium (second left for Lin Yifu, left for Dwight Perkins, and right for Song Ligang)


Dwight Perkins, one of the world's most famous development economists; Barry Naughton, Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego; Nicholas Lardy, Professor of Economics, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Professor Ross Granaut and Christine Wong, University of Melbourne, Australia; Professor Peter Drysdaleau, Australian National University, Bob Gregory, Song Ligang and Chen Chunlai; China famous economists Lin Yifu, Fan Gang, Huang Yiping, Wang Xiaolu, Zhang Zhongxiang and others attended the seminar.