Working Papers
Published Date: 2014-05-13  

Vollan, Björn, Y. Zhou, A. Landmann, B. Hu, C. Herrmann-Pillath, Democracy and Authoritarian Norms -- experimental evidence from the Peoples Republic of China, Innsbruck University Working Paper No.2013-14, 2013.

周晔馨Zhou, Yexin, Q. Tu, Björn Vollan, Biliang Hu, C. Herrmann-Pillath, What Makes Conditional Cooperation Level Different? Lab versus Field Experiment Evidence from P.R.China, BNU Working Paper, 2012.

周晔馨Zhou, Yexin, "Social Network and Income Disparities of Rural Households", BNU Working Paper, 2012.

周晔馨、涂勤、胡必亮,“社会资本、制度环境与条件合作行为——基于被试异质类型的实验室与田野实验研究”,北京师范大学working paper2013.

周晔馨 等,“‘四万亿投资’:美酒乎?毒酒乎?——基于动态随机一般均衡模型的政府支出政策分析”,working paper2013.

陈默 Labor market consequences of the higher education expansion in China, 

陈默 Student application strategies in college application in China

陈默、周晔馨 Chen, Mo, Yexin Zhou, Jingyi Ye, Social Capital, Rural-Urban Migrant and Wage Level, Working Paper, Department of Economics Working Paper, Harvard University, 2013.    

TU, Qin, Erwin Bulte (2010), Trust, Market Participation and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Rural China 


TU, Qin, Arthur Mol, Lei ZHANG, Ruerd Ruben (2011), How do trust and property security influence household contributions to public goods? The case of the sloping land conversion program in China


Bluemling, Bettina, Arthur Mol, Qin TU (2013), The social organization of agricultural biogas production and use



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