Jiangsu-CPITDiscusses with Latin American Students from EMI
Published Date: 2016-04-21  
 On the morning of April 21, Mr. Fan Yang, director of the international exchange department of Jiangsu-CPIT (Council for the Promotion of International Trade) visited EMI, and held a discussion with our students from Latin American and the Caribbean countries ("Latin American" in short) on"Jiangsu-Latin America economic cooperation". EMI’s dean, Professor Hu Biliang hosted the discussion.


Professor Hu Biliang hosted the discussion


Mr. Fan talked to our Latin American students about trade and investment between Jiangsu and Latin America, as well as the majorissues. Then, the 13 students from six Latin American countries talked about their own countries’ actual needs, the most important sectors and industries in future economic cooperation with Jiangsu, and issues that Chinese corporate investors need to take note in investing in these countries. Professor Hu Biliang made the concluding speech.


Mr. Fan talked about economic cooperation between Jiangsu and Latin America


17 students from seven Latin American countries are studying in EMI for a master's degree.Most of them are mid-level civil servants from these countries’ central governments. They are in full-time study in EMI, and they receive full scholarships from the Chinese government.


Julian (From Argentina) spoke in the discussion


(By HUO Changran) 



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